Simplesmente Pizza Bar

Location                          →     R. da Atalaia 108 1200-043, Lisboa

Discount                          →  30%

Price without discount    → 46,60€ 

Price with discount      →   37,15€

Save                                   →  9,45€

Price per person          →   18,57€

Simplesmente Pizza Bar is a small restaurant located in Barrio Alto. It’s a good option if you want dinner and after meet the portuguess night taking some drinks after dinner.

The dishes were “2Pizzas” accompained by a White Sangría and desserthere. The pizzas were very good, the restaurant has different kind of pizzas, but you can alter the ingredients. Quality pizzas, with very thin and crunchy dough, cut into squares instead of the typical portions, fresh ingredients… 

The Price is good around 10€ per pizza.

The restaurant is in the number N.º 182 de 3.776, restaurants in Lisbon.

Nice place, good attendance, and perfect to discover Barrio Alto.

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The George Pub

Location                          →     Rua Crucifixo 58, 1100-184 Lisboa

Discount                          →  40%here

Price without discount    → 24,40€ 

Price with discount      →   16,44€

Save                                   →  9,76€

Price per person          →   8,22 €

The George Pub in the heart of Lisbon. It’s a tipycall English pub with a excellent food. The menú is simple, not too many dishes to create confusion.

The dishes were “Hambúrguer the George” and “Steak and Ale pie”.  In my opinion I was living in United Kingdom for a few months, I tried different a kind of food, visited some restaurants… I wanted to find this restaurant there. Excellent food, excellent quality, good service. The Hambúrguer was delicious and the pie… Was like my grandmother cook!

Very good discovery, nice surprise. It’s impossible obtained a better price/quality ratio.

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Location                          →     Rua da Estação, 82 4300-171 , Porto

Discount                          →  40%

Price without discount    → 30,30€ 

Price with discount      →   19,58€

Save                                   →  10,72

Price per person          →   9,79 €

Moment’Um is located near to Campanha Train Station. On the menú there are many vegetarian and vegan dishes.

The first plate was a starter: “Chourico Assado”.

Second plates were “Francesinha Veg” and “Prego no Prato”.  Do no expect great food quiality, It is an economical restaurant. I would catalog it “by the way”.

Plentiful food on the plate and good service.

Maybe another choice of dishes, would have been better but some dishes were not available. But well you are dinner for 10 euros with a full menú, starters, principal dishes and drinks…

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La Maison Rouge 48


Location                          →     Rua Corpo da Guarda 48, 4050-217

Discount                          →  30%

Price without discount    → 39€ 

Price with discount      →   28,80€

Save                                   →  10,20

Price per person          →   14,4 €

La Maison Rouge 48 is located near to Sao Bento Train Station. The localitation is great, you have Sé de Porto 5 minutes walking and “Ponte Luis I” and “Cais da Ribera” around 10 minutes. Perfect localitation to takinga walk around  the most beautiful places in Porto after dinner.

The restaurant is really cozy, it mimics an old  Porto house .

The restaurant doesn’t have too much puntuation on triapdvisor, I hope it will change because in my opinión is totally recomendable.

The first plate was a starter: “Tabua Presunto”, really great to make time for the first plates, serving in a wood table. The taste of it was amazing.

Second plates were “Francesinha”, I must admit, was decilious. The Francesinha was with cold meat, a littel bit different but delicious. One of the best Francesinhas that I’ve tasted in Porto. Absoluty homemade, she coocked the sauce at the moment, even she asked us about our tastes and preferences (more spicy or less spicy).

The ownner suggested  us a dessert, “Bolo Fatia Brownie”, totally homemade, AMAZING, nothing to do with the pre-made brownies of other restaurants.

The deal with was spectacular, and after visiting some restaurants, I’m gratefull for find restaurants that still surprise me.

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Arte Da Baixa


Location                          →     Rua de Mouzinho da Silveira 310, 4050-418

Discount                          →  40%

Price with discount     →   45,80€

Price per person          →    22,9 €

Arte Da Baixa it’s a restaurant located in the middel of Porto, the location its really great and near from the station Sao Bento and some important monuments like Torre dos Clèrigos, Sé do Porto….

The menú letter is really creative, simulating a Paint palette.

The restaurant is in number number 100/1.492 on triapdvisor.

The first plates were entrances: “Couver Bread, olive oil, jelly, cheese and ham”, “A kind of “Francesinha” and “Prego no pão com mostarda dijon, chips de bata e salada”. Really nice presentation and delicious food.

Second plates were “Alheira de javali com maça, mel e revueltos de cogumelos” and “Posta de vitela e arancini de cogumelos e queijo”. Delicious food, meat really well cook, nice presentations and perfect attendance.

All accompanied by a perfect white sangria.

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Arroz de la Bahía

Hello Hello!! Today i bring you something different…

This offer it’s in Madrid, for eat Paella. The Price is 30€ for two person and the menú that you can choose is:

Entrantes a elegir 1 por persona: 
Croquetas caseras (6 unidades) preparadas por el Chef,
se pueden elegir de jamón, queso cabrales, marisco o una combinación de ellas .

Verduras a la plancha
preparadas en el punto adecuado.

Ensalada de lollo rosso y lollo bionda
con tomate raf, pepino, atún y aceitunas.

Ensalada de ventresca con tomate raf:
tomates naturales, ventresca, cebolla fresca, sal, aceite y vinagre de Módena.
Principal a elegir y a compartir: 
Paella de bogavante con gambas.
Arroz negro de sepionet.
Paella de verduras.
Postre casero a elegir 1 por persona:
Café, tarta de queso, arroz con leche o helados.

Bebida a elegir: 
1 botella de vino blanco Palacio de Bornos (D.O Rueda) para cada 2 personas
1 bebida por persona a elegir entre: refresco, cervezas o agua.


You cand find the offer here: here

Letters Matters Lisboa


Location                          →     1250-189 Lisboa                        

Discount                          →  30%

Price with discount     →   42€

Price per person          →    21 €

Letters Matters it’s a restaurant located in the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. The restaurant is inside of atmosphere bookshop. You can read a book here in the bookshop, drink a coffee, play a game of chess or Go, have a unique culinary experience, drink a glass of wine and have a good conversation…

The first plates were entrances: “Sake Afrodisíaco” and “Sushi with salmon”. Sake Afrodisiaco is a flaming salom with pozu sauce and chives, really good. And sushi is perfect in this restaurant.

Second plates was “Especial Chefe 25 peças”

I cant said nothing bad about sushi. Add that is not just a shusi restaurant, you can check the web page on link below, where you can find a variety of meats and dishes, wit a presence expectacular.

If you want to eat something in a bookshop and discover new restaurant this is your best option.

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Location                          →     4450-329 Leça da Palmeira

Discount                          →  30%

Price with discount     →   26€

Price per person          →     13€

Memorial it’s a restaurant near the lighthouse on the fabulous beach Leça da Palmeira.

The first plates were entrances: “Batata doce quente” and “Quejinho gratinado”. Batata was delicious with a littel salmon, the mixture was delicious, And cheese with honey, for people who likes cheese, really good.

Second plates were “Francesinhas”.

Francesinha is a Portuguese sandwich originally from Porto, made with bread, wet-cured ham, linguiça, fresh sausage like chipolata, steak or roast meat and covered with melted cheese and a hot thick tomato and beer sauce served with french fries. It is said that the Francesinha was invented in the 1960s. Daniel da Silva, a returned emigrant from France and Belgium, tried to adapt the croque-monsieur to Portuguese taste. Its a very popular dish in Porto.

In this case we had a extra disccount because when you have a lot of reservations you obtein a special money on web page and after you can change this special money for extra disccount on restaurants.

The service was very good with a very friendly waitress. And the views are infront of the beach.

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Os Rapazes


Location                          →   4450-631 Matosinhos

Discount                          →  30%

Price with discount     →   31,01 €

Price per person          →     15,505 €

Os Rapazes it’s a restaurant with typical Portuguese food. It keeps well the atmosphere of a typical local restaurant.

The first plates was entrance: “Melao con presunto”. If i could turn back i like would choose another.

Second plates were “Arroz de pato” and “Bacalhau com Nata ”. If you are looking typical food i can recomended absoluty both plates. Served in clay post with very good presentation. It seems like you are eating at your grandmother’s house, thouse kind of meals wich unfortunately are almost gone.

Dessert was“Mousse Chocolate”, really good..

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ÉleBê Póvoa

Location                          →   4490- 566 Póvoa do Varzim

Discount                          →  50%

Real Price                        →   71,60 €

Price with discount     →   44,75 €

Saving                             →     27,85 €

Price per person          →     22,375 €

Elebe Povoa is one of the best restaurant in wich i have been. The restaurant is inserted  in “Fortaleza nossa Srª da Conceição”, a fortress of the XVIII Century, right there next to the casino.

The first plates were entrances: “Alheira de Perdiz” and “Fondue 3 Queijo”. Both plates were carefully made, with a perfect presentation and perfect taste.


Second plates were “Bife Campreste” and “Bacalaho Elebe ”. I dont remember when was the last time that i ate such a tasty meal. And for the people that prefer fish, i have to say the same thing, absoluty perfect.

Waitress really helpfull, cozy and romantic place with halloween decoration.

I want to thank the chef, “Pedro Torres” for the magnificent work and result.

Dessert choosen were 3 choose for us “Leite Creme”, “Mousse Chocolate”, “Cheescake Morango”.


On price is include a “Sangria Branca”.

You can find the offer   →   here

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Restaurant page → here