La Maison Rouge 48


Location                          →     Rua Corpo da Guarda 48, 4050-217

Discount                          →  30%

Price without discount    → 39€ 

Price with discount      →   28,80€

Save                                   →  10,20

Price per person          →   14,4 €

La Maison Rouge 48 is located near to Sao Bento Train Station. The localitation is great, you have Sé de Porto 5 minutes walking and “Ponte Luis I” and “Cais da Ribera” around 10 minutes. Perfect localitation to takinga walk around  the most beautiful places in Porto after dinner.

The restaurant is really cozy, it mimics an old  Porto house .

The restaurant doesn’t have too much puntuation on triapdvisor, I hope it will change because in my opinión is totally recomendable.

The first plate was a starter: “Tabua Presunto”, really great to make time for the first plates, serving in a wood table. The taste of it was amazing.

Second plates were “Francesinha”, I must admit, was decilious. The Francesinha was with cold meat, a littel bit different but delicious. One of the best Francesinhas that I’ve tasted in Porto. Absoluty homemade, she coocked the sauce at the moment, even she asked us about our tastes and preferences (more spicy or less spicy).

The ownner suggested  us a dessert, “Bolo Fatia Brownie”, totally homemade, AMAZING, nothing to do with the pre-made brownies of other restaurants.

The deal with was spectacular, and after visiting some restaurants, I’m gratefull for find restaurants that still surprise me.

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You can find the offer 30% →  here

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