Worst experience “Annapurna”

Location                          → 1000-048, Lisboa


Discount                          →  30%

Real Price                        →   26,95 €

Price with discount     →   21,83 €

Saving                             →     5,12 €

Price per person          →     10,915 €

This is the worst experience in my life. First all the discount are through “The Fork”. You can check on the website the rules:

Set menu and drinks not included. Valid for all orders of starter + a main or a main + dessert as a minimum per person”

You can check on the bill that this discount was not applied. We showed him on the mobile phone the rules of for website and he just said: the discount is just available to the main dishes, after that he asked if we didn´t know how to read like stupid persons. Later after 20 minutes we asked for the complaint form. The manager of the restaurant said that he didn´t have that and two seconds later he printed a new bill with the discount included. But this was not valid for us, the money was on the table in correspondence with the first bill and of course we didnt wanted the new acount because is a fault of repect we feeling cheated and they didnt want to talk with us anymore. The deal was terrible. They only wanted money and the boss of the restaurant called us by phone and we were told that “people need money to live”. You can check a small bottle of water is 1,55€. The discount for the starter was ridiculously small and is unthinkable why would they offer this deal and whay they didn’t accept the mistake.

I cant recomend this restaurant, we sent a reclamation by the fork website and they returned the discount from starter dishes.

The food was terrible, terrible service and i can put a lot of adjetives about this restaurant but i think that with this is enough.


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